A very warm welcome and a note of thanks…

Browsers welcome anytime!

Well I made it. After months of dithering and stopping and starting I have finally got this blog together. Well, when I say together I hardly mean it’s finished, it’s anything but. Still, rather than dither continuously I thought I’d better get something ‘out there’. I’m still very much getting used to the techie bits of WordPress as a blogging platform but I’m sure it will come good given time.

As mentioned in the about me pages, this blog is somewhat of a journey for me, a reading journey, and I’d rather like to have you all along for the ride.

Before I end the post there are a few people who deserve a special mention, without whom this blog would have either been further delayed or shelved altogether. So huge thanks and bloggie love to Simon Savidge of the superb Savidgereads blog. This guy is one of the gods of the book blog, hugely respected by readers and book industry people alike. Simon along with friend Gav of gavreads can also be found on the excellent podcast The Readers.  Special mention must also go to Eva of the wonderfully titled A Striped Armchair, another superb book loving blog. Heartfelt thanks to both Simon and Eva for their assistance. I’d also like to mention another newbie book blogger who sent me a very helpful email just today. A Fiction Habit is a new book blog but as she suggested.

New bloggers need to stick together!!

So I’m glad you could join me for my reviews, bookish musings and anything else that I might want to mention along the way. I’ll always try to keep it bookish and if I do happen to stray far from the sheep I’m sure you’ll put me right.

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7 Responses to A very warm welcome and a note of thanks…

  1. Eva says:

    Welcome to blogging! Thanks for the shoutout, and I’m happy to help you in the future as well. 🙂

  2. savidgereads says:

    Welcome to the world fo blogging Paul, look forward to following your progress and reviews and other bookish bits and bobs.

  3. FleurFisher says:

    Welcome to WordPress – I’ll look forward to learning about what you’re reading.

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